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Poultry Training and Disciple Equipping

Join us for these training opportunities!

A International Strategy for Sustainable Poultry and Disciple Making


The International Sustainable Poultry School (ISPS) provides forty plus hours of training filled with knowledge, skill coaching, and character building in sustainable poultry production for the advancement of the Gospel through creating movements of multiplication.

ISPS is designed to equip the participants in the five pillars of sustainable poultry production; breeding, growing, feeding, processing, and marketing. We also integrate the basic five ministry pillars from the life of Christ; mission, motive, model, means and methods. The training includes “hands on work” at a local ministry where all the pillars are being modeled. 


Jim Adkins

Global Poultry Initiative Founder and Disciple Maker Jim is passionate about people and poultry. For the past 40 years, he has raised over fifty breeds and varieties of standard-bred poultry (that includes chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys).


We must eat these birds to keep them alive.

—Frank Reese, Jr. Good Shepherd Poultry


A Strategy for Sustainable Poultry Production

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Slow Poultry Seminar Overview - 8 Hours


PURPOSE – Explaining sustainable poultry production models

In this first segment of the seminar, you will learn about poultry history.  Learn about poultry that fed our grandparents and great grandparents and how the poultry industry has drastically changed over the last seventy-five years! We will then carefully study what sustainable poultry looks like; birds that can naturally reproduce, be genetically maintained, capable of enjoying outdoor pasture and grow at a normal, slow growth rate!   


PRODUCT – Defining the true historical meaning of standard-bred poultry

After we have carefully examined poultry breeds and understood the differences of standard bred poultry verses industrialized, hybrid poultry - we will carefully look at the end product. We will look at the two aspects of sustainable production - breeding & growing!  You will learn how to effectively breed flocks of poultry that are both productive and profitable.  You will learn the basic fundamentals of improving the birds through breeding and how to maximize production with the good husbandry skills in a pastured environment.  


PROCESS – Understanding the foundational pillars of sustainable poultry production

To effectively multiply sustainable flocks of standard bred poultry, we must first create models of sustainable poultry production, these models include the five foundational pillars, breeding, growing, feeds & feeding, processing and marketing. In this session, we will look carefully at the overview of each of these pillars.  


PROGRAMS – Developing a strategy and plan for success

These elements include facilities, feed, finances and pasture foraging. The training manual will be filled with resources that include budget overviews, facility plans, pasture growing strategies, feeding instructions and proper feed recipes. The goal of this eight hour, hands on seminar, is to give all participants an understanding of an effective strategy for sustainable poultry production, regardless of the size of farm that they manage! 


Slow Poultry Seminar Marketing Materials


Use these FREE materials to highlight and promote your event! Click on the images to download a printable pdf. Pdf's include a place to type in the local personalized SPS information. 

Available in poster size (8.5x11) and flyer size (5.5x8.5). Ask GPI for other ways to highlight your  SPS event!

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